Magic of Poetry

I express myself in words
I believe in the magic of poetry
That peace will be felt by world
If it sprinkles the love and harmony

Wisdom is spoken by our golden thought
The greatest gift of our God Almighty
It’s existence never gets old
Its magic will continue til eternity


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Poem for Lily

This could be one of those saddest nights
When we see you trying so hard to fight
With your illness ,you’ve never shown you’re weak
Instead you smile when we give you kisses on your cheeks

It’s so sad to think that tonight will be your last night
Your pain will be over , you no longer need to fight
Tomorrow when they put you in your sleep
Dream of the happy place where people loved you so deep

Goodbye Lily, We love you!

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Life is a matter of a glimpse

There’s a mysterious way to heaven
That nobody knows our tenure when
Unpredictable time it may seems
Life is a matter of a glimpse

Ignored purposes above this earth
Good thoughts may be left unsaid
Some things may be left unsearched
Such as inner peace rather than hatred

Most value the tangible ones
Goal to achieve beyond what we have
The hectic time fulfill our lives
Isn’t it the truth that is really sad?

Realize what we only have
This borrowed body , with mind and soul
Then,what’s the purpose we could have?
Before our life to heaven will be called

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey

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This joy in my soul is an ineffable thing

There are so many words that rhyme
That define why being with you I always shine
On the darkest sky you are my star
On dreariest days you are my smile near or far

Your gentle voice has meaningful sounds
Endless songs of birds that calm me down
With this world full of wilderness you are my home
Who comforts me when winds freed by the storm

The vast sky witness our unfold stories
Measureless love you give is beyond defining
It lifts my heart , gives me the feeling of flying
Truly this joy in my soul is an ineffable thing
poem written 05/18/18

Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


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Goodbye Grandma, I will miss you

Tears I have shed, remembering those things you’ve taught me

Through the years you were there, you watched me grow

Love , kindness , sweetness acts of you I’ve got to see

You’ve been there for me for the things I needed to know

Grandma every word from your voice I deeply remember

And all that I think about now is you today

I’m sorry if I won’t have the chance to be there

I’d love you grandma in so many ways

Now as I opened and closed my eyes

Only your face tickles my mind

Oh how I remember you were there by my side

And now my heart aches from your saddest goodbye

Now I realized how much I miss you

I know that you will still be watching over me

I’ve learned so many things from you

I will never ever forget those ’til eternity

I know that you’re happy with the Heavenly father right now

In God’s time we will be seeing each other somehow

In my heart your memories will always remain

Grandma I’ll miss you, ’til we meet each other again


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Beauty from Within

It is a light from her heart that glows
An inner beauty that never fades away
It captivates from her eyes to her soul
A beauty that grows every single day

We see the beauty from within
Not from appearance of her skin
Not on the glossy taint on her lips
But kindness of her heart that keeps

The moon you could witness
through her very eyes
That brightens up the sadness
of your grayish sky

You may not see her as a whole
Her love for you will always live
Her kind heart and amazing soul
Is the greatest gift she could give

“Poem dedicated to all beautiful women out there”
written March 08th #internationalwomen ‘s day

Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey

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Patawad sa aking mga nagawa
Kung ikaw man ay aking nasaktan
Nakaraang kamalian ay aking pinagsisisihan
Habang buhay ito’y sa dasal ay isinasama

Patawad kung bawat araw dulot ko’y pait
Sa iyong puso ako’y nagpapakumbabang pilit
Patawad sa bawat sakit na iyong sinapit
Dalangin ko’y ihatid ito sa iyo ng Amang nasa langit

Ako’y nagpakalayo upang lahat ay matahimik
Bagong buhay ay nais matamasa pagpapatawad sa Maykapal ang batid
Patawad kung ikaw ay aking nasaktan
Dalangin ko sa iyong puso ang walang humpay
na katahimikan


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Lift yourself up!

The glorious sun sets earlier
The clouds were painted beautifully
The cool breeze feels from the winter
Truly an art from nature to feel & see

Hurry! go out from your comfort zone
Witness the sky and the stars alone
Leave the pain from things went wrong
Lift yourself up for you are strong

Face the darkness by staring on the stars
Let them lead your way no matter how far
Always see the light beyond the darkest shades
Lift youself up even your sky turns gray

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey

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Bawat haplos ng hangin sa aki’y bumabatid
Mga bagay na aking nagawa na pawang pagsisisi ang bahid
Mga nakaraang pagkakamali’y aking nais ituwid
Sa bagong buhay na biyaya ng Maykapal kasama ang aking iniibig

Kanyang pagpapatawad aking hiniling noon pa man
Bago ko matanto ang tunay na kasiyahang aking kinasasadlakan
Aral sa aking buhay sadyang aking natutunan
May pagpapatawad sa bawat pagkakamali kung buong pusong pagsisisihan

Dasal ang aking palaging sambit para sa aking nasaktan
Nawa’y puso’y magkaroon ng humpay na katahimikan
Kasiyahang aking nadarama sa kasalukuyan nawa’y maramdaman
Haplos mula sa Maykapal ay maging dulot upang sakit ay maibsan

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I hear it within me….

When I see the look in your eyes
I can see the glamorous glistening sky
Your smile tells me how beautiful I am
And when your lips say you’re my number
one fan

When you get closer to me
I feel your breath towards my hair
I can feel your heart deep within me
I feel this butterfly that grasp my air

You make me feel important
When you ask me to help you with things
You lift me up when I say I can’t
You believed that I am not an ordinary thing

You give life to my every day
You show love in many special way
I feel you, I feel how much you love me
Even without a word, I hear it within me

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey

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