“My life changed because of that guy” by Eureka C. Bianzon(Short story through a poem) 


Despite the darkest depths of ignoring the rays of light

And taken for granted my luminous blessed life

Still I received a message from heaven that this is not

The end of time

I still have the chance to lamp up my shade to face

The night

Many once called me as prodigy

Believing on me despite of my cruelty

I bestowed them a smirked face

And grunted voice and say

“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

My dubious world had been so patient for me

Despite of my precocious life

I always think that things aren’t just easy

I mumbled my sadness on my own

And let the day just pass by writing

A song

Then a moment came I sang that song

On a capacious place

Played my guitar all day long

To relieve myself from a terrible day

A man came to me and asked me

To play it again

I was hesitant to do it thinking

He was just a mischievous

Creature playing on me

And will result of pain

I left him ignoring all the things he said


“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

A day came I heard my song on a  radio

Been continuously played and

Heard by all

My family, my friends, even the people

Who belittle my world been so proud of me

My life changed because of that guy

Who believed in me and brought

Out the best from me after all

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“Close your eyes,be with me” by Eureka C.Bianzon

When the time comes that you will never be seeing me
Close your eyes be with me,hear my voice from afar dear
Glance my poems when you’re feeling blue
Feel that I’m just here talking to you

It’s my heart’s gladness seeing you smiled
Please don’t be lonely once I’m out of  your sight
Close your eyes be with me and imagine my face
Remember our moments together and happy days


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“With you I’ll cherish each moment even from a thousand miles” by Eureka C. Bianzon

As the sun kissed my eyes with its glimmering light
Your thoughts linger in my mind even if you’re out of my
I thank God each day that I’ve known a soul so true
These smiles I couldn’t deny really came from you

Thousand miles keep us apart
And I haven’t seen you from the very start
But whenever I rest my head on my pillow each night
Your thoughts ease my longing and embrace my heart
So tight

How would I forget someone like you
Whose heart’s sincerity reminds me to smile
Your words filled my mind in everything I do
With you I’ll cherish each moment
Even from a
thousand miles


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“Tunay na kaibigan” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Salamat ika’y nariyan sa tuwing ako’y lumuluha

At nagdaramdam

Sa mga araw na kailangan ko ng makakausap

At mahihingahan

Sa mga oras na kailangan ko ng kayakap

Sa tuwing ako’y pinagtatawanan


Bati’d kong sayo minsan ako’y maypagkukulang

Ikaw lang ang syang maituturing kong

Tunay na kaibigan


Patawad sa mga oras na sa tuwing

Ako’y aalis at ika’y hindi pinapansin

Sa mga oras nang aking pagdating

Ika’y hindi ko makuhang yakapin


Batid kong sayo minsan ako’y may pagkukulang

Salamat ikaw parin ay nariyan

Ngayong ang puso ko’y nagdaramdam

Ikaw lang ang syang maituturing kong

Tunay na kaibigan


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This time feel how much I needed you” By Eureka C. Bianzon

 Wrap me in your arms

For this day ends to be weary and blue

Let me shed these tears on your shoulder

This time feel how much I needed you


Make me feel whole within your arms

When my heart breaks and falls in two

Give me strength for this world seems untrue

This time feel how much I needed you


“Keep in touch” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Keep in touch in any way

Reach out for a friend who’s far away

Let him feel that you’re just near

Despite the distance you remain closer

Keep in touch whenever you maybe

Reach out for a friend in many ways

Let him feel you’re still the same

Above your achievements you never changed

Keep in touch give importance to your friends

Who have been part of your life

Cherish those moments you’ve shared

Those times when you cried

When they were there to care.

Keep in touch ,value your friendship

For a friend is life’s  wonderful gift

Keep your friends while you still have them

Because life is too short and uncertain.

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“Salamat! ” Eureka C. Bianzon


Salamat sa mga oras na iyong ibinahagi sa’king pag iisa

Lungkot ko’y napapawi,bawat luha’y tumitila

Marahil ikaw na nga ang syang ipinagkaloob ng Tadhana

Mapunan ang aking buhay ng galak at saya


Salamat sa mga mumunting araw  na tinig ko’y pinakikinggan

Kalungkutan ko’y nalilimutan sakit ng kalooban ko’y naiibsan

Kung tunay mang ako’y papalarin,ika’y hindi iiwan

Ipaglalaban kita,ngayon,bukas,magpakailan man


Salamat sa bawat inspirasyong iyong ibinibigay

Sa puso kong matagal ng nanirahan sa pagkalumbay

Nawa’y manatili ang bawat mong pagsubaybay

Sa’king landas Ikaw ang siyang tanging gabay





“A Secret” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I hid a secret within my heart

That no one will ever know

I’ll tell it when we’re about to part

Just look into my eyes and it’ll show

Deepest secret I’ve hidden to tell

Don’t wanna break it like a magic spell

It’ll always be a secret within me

Just grasp my hand and feel my secrecy

Feel the breathing from my soul

Here’s where my secret lies

Discover it without being told

A secret from my heart will never die


photograph by photographer Zarc Bautista

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“My best friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You know me well when I’m sad

You used to find ways to make me feel glad

You’re the sweetest, the loveliest and the best

You’re my best friend among the rest

With you I’ve realized what friendship meant

I’ve found the value of its real content

Best you’re the sweetest day of my life

Thank you for making my days bright

We have encountered things

This made our life change

We’re now on various distances

Yet the value of our friendship remains

Best you’ll be my best friend forever

And will always be

You’re name was engraved deep in my heart

And it will always be

Thank you for the real friendship

You’ve brought in me

I’ll treasure you my loving best friend

As whom you are to me


photograph by photographer Aldrin Francisco



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