“Nature’s love is always fair” by Eureka C. Bianzon

The sky is high and the fields are low
Both in where I am so glad to go
As sun rises following my shadows slow
And the cold winds glide in my hair
As it blows

Down the trunk I sat and stare
Gazing on the sunlight as it glares
Unwinding on this tree which gives me shade
Oh! How thankful I am for everything God has made

Dancing ducks walking on the green fields
Heading the water in the creek
The nature warms them with full of care
Isn’t it this world is just fair?

God’s blessings are beyond compare
If we know how to appreciate them well
Bestow them with much of care
For Nature’s love is always fair

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“Mother Nature” by Eureka C. Bianzon

How sweet it is to view the clear blue sky
Green, beautiful trees reaching the mountain highs
Drizzling dew drops on leaves as cold as the wind blows
Just few of amazing things God has created that
We just need to know

How charming it is to wake up with the rays of light
A blessed morning, a chance of life to witness the sunlight
Fresh air that we breathe in, the breeze of wind is so soothing
Sounds of nature we need to appreciate like those singing birds
Flying with their wings

How amazing it is to feel the warmness of the sands
On beach shores, with gentle waves that slowly come
Colorful butterflies that fly and lay on my arm
Sweet things that amazed me
because of their charms
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How blessed life is with these wonderful things
Our Mother Nature is painted with God’s kindness of everything
May it be appreciated of the wondrous things it serves
May its children give love and render the care it deserves


“A Farmer” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Early morning he is up each day
Off on a prairie and all along the way
Travailing his journey on fields, his place
A farmer on his old boots would now start his day

He is in his better land
Digging the soil for the future of his sons
Not minding the heat brought by the sun
His dedication all he made from his heart and hand

The lovely wonderful earth with
beautiful plants and trees
Honored been planted by the farmer dear
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That’s the reason why we must
treat him so
Will full respect and appreciation
For this world he made it grow

His obligation in this earth he said
has no end
For there are many people who needs their hungriness to mend
A farmer is a gift that the heaven sent
Dedicated his life in fields until his day will just end

The sun has set and there down came the rain
The farmer walk to home, kiss his wife and kids again
Laying his aching back, resting his calloused feet
And upon closing his eyes, his heart beats
the happiness of planting his purpose as what his soul truly feels

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