Magic of Poetry

I express myself in words
I believe in the magic of poetry
That peace will be felt by world
If it sprinkles the love and harmony

Wisdom is spoken by our golden thought
The greatest gift of our God Almighty
It’s existence never gets old
Its magic will continue til eternity


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Poem for Lily

This could be one of those saddest nights
When we see you trying so hard to fight
With your illness ,you’ve never shown you’re weak
Instead you smile when we give you kisses on your cheeks

It’s so sad to think that tonight will be your last night
Your pain will be over , you no longer need to fight
Tomorrow when they put you in your sleep
Dream of the happy place where people loved you so deep

Goodbye Lily, We love you!

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Life is a matter of a glimpse

There’s a mysterious way to heaven
That nobody knows our tenure when
Unpredictable time it may seems
Life is a matter of a glimpse

Ignored purposes above this earth
Good thoughts may be left unsaid
Some things may be left unsearched
Such as inner peace rather than hatred

Most value the tangible ones
Goal to achieve beyond what we have
The hectic time fulfill our lives
Isn’t it the truth that is really sad?

Realize what we only have
This borrowed body , with mind and soul
Then,what’s the purpose we could have?
Before our life to heaven will be called


Author Eureka Bianzon Robey

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Everyone is  equal , Everything is fair  

There are things some people hard to understand

How to react positively in certain ways

They become the noisiest as an empty can

Telling about negative stories instead  of good praise
They say the world is always round

Sometimes you are at the bottom or the other way

Yet for these people  words have the same sounds

Once negativity enter their hearts gate

In God’s  grace when the world was made

Everyone is equal , everything  is fair

But nowadays it never gets on the same page

For humans who see the world as an imperfect place

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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My name is Dew  by Mypenandsoul 

My name  is  Dew by mypenandsoul.com  

I roam  to meet my new and old friends dear

To the firehouse, school, houses that are near

To the farm  fields,  ponds , and creeks

Where color of leaves change multiple times a year 
I follow the golf cart all the way 

To  make sure that everybody is okay

I sniff the places where  we go

No matter how the insects make my 

 nose blow 
I am a town dog, a farm dog as well

My name is Dew , you all heard about my tale

This is the wonderful life I chose to dwell

That every day in my journey I make people well 
“My name is Dew”

Poem author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


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My Dream by Mypenandsoul

I went to row under the dim moonlight
And gladder my heart which was in grief

I stayed on my boat the whole night

I laid there staring on the sad sky until I fall asleep
I dreamt of wonderful things

Both of us were there

We were singing and laughing

Dancing under the moonlight glare
I was with my everdearest

Whose face basking with light

I wished we went that farthest

In a longest journey that night
I woke up now sighing,

I’ve seen the sunrise again

I found the grief of losing

My dream,I really felt the pain

Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey

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Never involve yourself with negative people

​Never argue with someone who never listen 

Hence give your ears to them for they need it the most

They need your thorough attention and patience

It’s the only way to bring back the understanding  they’ve  lost
Never response back to someone who try to annoy you

Instead give them a cheerful smile

Let them know themselves that life isn’t  about hatred

Jealousy will never give them a wonderful price
Never involve yourself with negative people

Focus on positive  things to improve your life

These are the things I want you to know

We can never please anyone if they don’t see the

beauty in  life
Teach them in silence and let them know

Hatred and Jealousy  will never make them grow

Always share to them the happiest world you have

Free from nuisances  but instead life full of  Love 

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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Kung ating lamang tatanawin ang bawat sulok nitong daigdig

​Minsan sa  tabi ng karagatan tanaw ko ang araw na sumisilip sa langit

Ramdam ko ang pag asa mula sa liwanag na dulot nito sa aking daigdig

Hampas ng alon na siyang patuloy na dumaramay sa king pananahimik

Ramdam ko tuloy na parang isang kaibigan walang ginawa kundi ang makinig
Dito ramdam ko ang pagpapatawad na nagmumula sa ating Ama na nasa langit

Ramdam ko ang Kanyang tahanan  mula liwanag  na patuloy Niyang ipinagkakaloob sa ating daigdig

Siya lamang ang sadyang tunay na kasagutan sa ating bawat hiling

Tanging kaibigan na sa kahit anong oras ay handang makinig
Kung ating lamang tatanawin ang bawat sulok nitong daigdig

Buksan ang puso at isipan at Siya sa Ating buhay ay tanggapin

Dumilim man ang kalangitan ,  ang araw ay muling sisikat sa mula Kanyang piling

Timigil man ang alon, ito’y muling hahampas upang ipadama na hindi ka nag iisa dito sa ating daigdig


 Eureka Bianzon Robey  author

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The Spirit of Christmas flows freely 

Lights and ornaments hang on a tree
The spirit of Christmas flows freely 

Time to recollect with our family 

Wonderful moments from past momories
Gifts we share will bring smiles

To those faces even from thousand miles

Nights may be cold yet on Christmas  it’s always


 For we feel the  radiance of God’s  glory through the birth of His son 
It’s  a special time to give thanks

For the lights  that illuminate our paths

Ornaments  that reflect our blessings 

For our loved ones who fill our hearts

(c) Eureka Robey mypenandsoul.com  author 


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A very humble doctor by Mypenandsoul  

​”A very humble doctor ”

I was ill the very first day I met him

That day he approached me with a smile 

His gesture was absolutely  welcoming

A very humble doctor I’ve ever seen in my life
He even listened to my real life stories

That moment I knew he cares  about  people’s  lives 

He then asked me If I want to work with him

Months later I showed up for it was my heart’s desire
I heard patients  words from feelings

How they admire him and his family 

One day I’ve  found myself crying

From a patient’s  heartfelt testimony
A very humble doctor I’ve  ever seen

Who touched  many patients  lives in between

Surely he will be forever loved  & remembered

By all ,whom with his care have been blessed
Eureka Bianzon Robey

(c) mypenandsoul.com 

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