“Steadfast faith” by Eureka Bianzon Robey


Here breaks the dawn welcomes a sweet morning
Rays of light shows God’s multiple blessings
Roads have shades from leaves of trees
Soothing nature welcomes an everlasting peace

Here I am with my own satisfaction
My blessed life I claim without expectations
I have faith in me beyond life’s imperfections
Nothing is heavy to God ,in Him i give my sincerest devotion

Everything is beautiful,easy once we have faith
When we open our hearts letting love enter its gate
A Steadfast faith is what we need to give
To the Lord Almighty while we have this blessed life to live

© Marilou Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey

Mypenandsoul author




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“Challenges for me were my continuous blessings”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Now I know why I was being born
A questioned I’ve been asking for so many years
The heaven showed all the things I adorn
Blessings which been given to me since when I was a kid

I endured life appreciating either huge or small things
I never complained hence I prayed and pursued my dreams
Challenges for me were my continuous  blessings
For in every bit  I learned to be strong, to be firmed

There were people who laughed at me
There were people who belittle my abilities
I gave them smile  and I pursued my degree
At the end I thank them for bringing out the best in me

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“Grace of humanity” by Eureka Bianzon Robey

A silent prayer I whispered from my heart
May people find  peace esp those who have gone to war
May security and peace be yearned from our country mother
So its children may experience  comfort from her

May those with heavy burdens surpass the continuous rains
May their paths be lightened with hope from heaven
May the youths be protected as well as the elderly
May this earth be filled with the grace of humanity

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PASSING BY by Eureka C. Bianzon

Photo by Donell Gumiran UAE based photographer

Photo by Donell Gumiran UAE based photographer

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LITTLE ANGELS PLAY by Eureka C. Bianzon


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“This life above the earth” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was just a timid little girl

When I started realizing things about life

That moment when I saw people on different coffins

I asked myself why there were many people around

And many candle lights


On that moment I’ve seen people crying

As how they screamed could break the wall

And I heard them talking about something

That it was an accident that banished the life

Of all


There were children, adults and old woman

As white as papers,   their eyes were closed

As I walked and glanced the face of someone

She was crying and when I held her

Her hands were numb and cold


She said “those people in the coffins are my loved


They were special for me, I didn’t know that this

Time would come

That we will never be seeing them again

That I’ll never have the chance to embrace them again



As a young child I finally understood

What she meant

From then I realized the importance of

The people in my life

I realized the value of taking good care of myself

For this life above the earth is just

A borrowed life

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“Undisturbed Water” by Eureka C.Bianzon


As I walked on to the lake

I noticed some women were there

Washing their clothes on the water

And drying them up on the rocks



As I reached on the lake side

I’ve stared on the water glancing

On my own reflection

It was clear and undisturbed

Suddenly when I stepped on it

It subside

The clearness was gone


I’ve spent a little time to reflect

The message it brought to my world

Undisturbed water symbolizes

The clearness of our mind and serene attitude


We have the chance to make it clear

We have the choice to maintain our own reflection

For once the clearness of our thoughts disappeared

It will shadow our paths into wrong direction

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“Puppeteer”by Eureka C.Bianzon


A puppet player on a puppet show

Defining her skills of her own creation

Puppetry been her uttermost passion

Delivering happiness to children in entire



Isn’t it amazing how they unleash our imaginations?

And how they play the puppets for inspirations

A puppet on strings could be you

You can get motivated by the people

That surround you


Either way you could be a puppeteer too

Who could share Inspirations in every play that you do

But remember the only one who holds our strings

Is the Almighty up on heaven who’s watching

In everything that we do or we have been

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“An Imagery of black and white when you’re alone” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 I heard the ocean waves beyond the rocks
Tender kisses of water were drifting to the shoreline
The dusk gathered all the wonderful colors of the sky
Where birds freely flock
My solitary moment undertow my faith in life

 I sat on the sands with an empty paper on my hand
I quickly sketch the things which captivated my glance
And my fuzzy art was finally done
Yet something is missing the wonderful colors were gone 

Thoughts lingered on my mind
The sketch I’ve crafted was a deadpan
The stains from my pencil were just black and white
No colors to be appreciated if it is in real life 

My solitary heart found itself to draft a poem
Announcing the ciphery of its thoughts
Life without happiness is like a saddest song
An Imagery of black and white when you’re alone 

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“Being with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

You lighten me during my darkest hour

You saved my heart in so many ways

You always give me my motive power

Since I found you I feel so secured everyday


There’s a love song ringing in my ears

Singing you’re my forever, my world, my life

Your voice is the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard

It motivates me to wear my loveliest smile


Every day I knew that you’re someone I can hold

 Someone to whom I can share my world

Being with you I couldn’t ask for more

You made this feeling stronger than before

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