“They will always be my babies” by Eureka C.Bianzon



I laid back my head on my soft pillow last night

While I was gazing on my sweet loving cats

They were on my feet seemed they didn’t

Want to lose from my sight

Suddenly my tears fell, my heart was like

A grass that had been cut


I was imagining their life living without me

I was thinking if they could feel the love

They felt from me

When I pulled one of them and laid to my arm

The other wiped away the tears on my other hand


It is so hard to think that my days with them

Will get over

It’s like I have to give up rendering them my


Before I was telling never I will surrender

I’ll never leave them and they’ll be with me anywhere


I felt so sad that I couldn’t keep my promise

I couldn’t find ways for them to be with me

Our memories forever I will cherish

They will always be my sweetest babies

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“Engagement ring”by Eureka C.Bianzon


Precious gift God has sent
Endless love which is undetermined
Like a ring without beginning and without end
Circulating waves of love we both meant

I wore different less costly rings
Color silver,bronze,gold even green
Yet none of them made me feel
The completeness when he
Offered me this precious ring

Unfathomable happiness I expressed into the sky
Unleashed by the pouring rain
From my eyes
Uncanny gift given by his heart’s
Big surprised
The knot through an engagement ring tied our hearts for life

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“My life changed because of that guy” by Eureka C. Bianzon(Short story through a poem) 


Despite the darkest depths of ignoring the rays of light

And taken for granted my luminous blessed life

Still I received a message from heaven that this is not

The end of time

I still have the chance to lamp up my shade to face

The night

Many once called me as prodigy

Believing on me despite of my cruelty

I bestowed them a smirked face

And grunted voice and say

“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

My dubious world had been so patient for me

Despite of my precocious life

I always think that things aren’t just easy

I mumbled my sadness on my own

And let the day just pass by writing

A song

Then a moment came I sang that song

On a capacious place

Played my guitar all day long

To relieve myself from a terrible day

A man came to me and asked me

To play it again

I was hesitant to do it thinking

He was just a mischievous

Creature playing on me

And will result of pain

I left him ignoring all the things he said


“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

A day came I heard my song on a  radio

Been continuously played and

Heard by all

My family, my friends, even the people

Who belittle my world been so proud of me

My life changed because of that guy

Who believed in me and brought

Out the best from me after all

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“No one can give better the love of a mother”by Eureka C.Bianzon

No one can give better the love of a mother
Neither your best friend,your friends
  and who among the others
A mother will never let you pay for all
The things she have done for you
She will never ask for an exchange
Neither gives you the receipts of all
Stuffs she bought for you

If so,I guess a mother is the richest individual in the world
How many children she raised
And sent to school
She teaches  many things that give a
child a strong foundation
The values from her love is the stability
Of our emotions

No one can give better the love of a mother
She is the one who endows an endless acceptance without hesitation
We can never find her infinite love from the others
For she holds the purest love without
Any condition

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“Each has a purpose in your life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

A year that comes a year that goes
Makes a man learn and grow
People may say hi, and just suddenly go
Even not letting you know
Chances may pass, opportunities may go
Either of the two makes a man appreciates more
On how to try, and be stronger than before
This is how we deal life, for second chances will
Be no more
Flap up your wings, fly high and soar
See the things which been created
And learn for what are these for?
Wander this earth witnessing them all
Each has a purpose in your life
These for you were readily stored

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“Because you’re with me”by Eureka C.Bianzon


There are boundless reasons why you mean so much to me
Many poetic words I want to unleash from deep inside of me
I guess knowing you is the best moment that ever happened into my life
You’re my heart’s breathing, reasons for my happiest smiles

You made it sure that every word you said were meant so much for me
The harmonious sound from you soothes my heart even if things are ain’t easy
Your love entangled my dreams and concatenated them in reality
You’re my morning sunshine that wakes me with love consistently

You have stolen my heart with your angelic smile
Never a day that I didn’t capture your face in my mind
Even on ominous days I know that my sun will always shine
Because you’re with me,I know everything will be perfectly fine….


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“I was once a dreamy butterfly” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was once a dreamy butterfly dallying myself away
After the heavy rain seeing a rainbow gratified my day
Witnessing the orchids bind,beautiful flowers and summer hays
Blessings I’ve got despite of the luminous yesterday

Oh how!beautiful the world after the rain
A wonderful pleasure to enjoy after the pain
I want to wander now the woods in the hills
Such amazing place which gives me chills

I was once a dreamy butterfly
who had no time to hate
Because I have ample of blessings
That God has shared
I only want to enjoy everything and memories to be saved
For sweet happenings will be treasured ’til my heart is in grave

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“From here ’til eternity” by Eureka C.Bianzon


Every day I thank God for the times that we spend together

Since the day that we met, I am certain that we will be forever

I have been in a world of bliss when you asked for my hands

That moment my heart gained its peace, and feeling which

Was really hard to understand

There’s so much about you that warms my heart

You always amaze me in many ways even if we’re apart

I thought before to find one true love was impossible

Yet with you all doubts in my heart & mind have gone at all

Still I couldn’t get over the fact that this is really happening

That I’m going to be you future wife, and be the mother of our kids

Thank you for giving your heart to me

I promise to love you from here ’til eternity © 2014 All rights reserved

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“You’re my one true love” by Eureka C.Bianzon


I found myself thinking all about you today
Wondering what you’re doing
and how’s your day

I found it hard to be away from you
And  I admit to myself that it hurts not to be with you

I’m writing this to tell you
how much you mean to me
You’re the one I want to hold
You’re the one I am hoping to see

From the very start you never failed
To amaze me
Through your modesty, and words
Full of sincerity

Our love evolved as you became my bestfriend, my soul mate
A sweet lover,and the most caring &
loving man I’ve ever met

My heart filled with joy because I have found the true love from you
The thought of you refreshes me
And makes me smile
Thinking about the things that you do

Our hearts found each other despite
Of all the differences
Isn’t is amazing…that in love there’s
no preferences

I miss your smiles esp those times when you found something funny in me
The way I ate my ice cream,the way
I pressed the elevator, the way I
giggled, and the way I walked with cat feet

I cannot wait to see you again,to embrace you,darling I’ll never let you go again…

I love you, I would love to spend the
Rest of my life with you

I know that I’ll be with you soon…I’ll hold you soon….

You’re my one true love,my bestfriend,my soulmate, gift from Above

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s given chance,it is honestly my lingering glance….

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“True love” by Eureka C.Bianzon


True love will never fade
As long as you keep the promises
You both said
Neither it won’t be placed in a dark shade
For the sheerness of each soul will give light towards each other’s way….

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