“Love of my life”by Eureka C. Bianzon

I love every little thing about you

Your sweet face your cute smile

No one ever make me feel this way than you do

Darling you are the love of my life

I love each and every moment

When I talk to you

The rest of the day works to be fine

I never thought that I would ever meet

Someone like you

You’re sweetest love of mine

I was thinking all about you today

You never really leave my mind

So I decided to write this poem and say

Darling you are the love of my life

Now forever ‘til the end of time

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“I have the bestest man” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I drew your image with my favorite pencil

I composed & sang for you a song with my favorite guitar

I wrote for you a poem with my favorite pen

I made a wish for you staring on my favorite star



Your image is the most perfect for me

Though I know that I don’t draw professionally

The song I composed for you made me so teary

For every lyric I carved means so

Much to me


When I write a poem for you it makes me

Feel so happy

It gives me the sense of calmness when

My day ain’t easy

And you, my favorite person who

Gives me comfort and security

Knowing that I have the bestest man

That God has given me



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“No matter how far the miles” by Eureka C. Bianzon

When you held my hands

You held my heart too

I just couldn’t understand

What made me fall in love with you


I always spend my time

Thinking all about you

Things that came between us

When you made my dream come true



No matter how far the miles

That separates me from you

I will always live my life with a smile

For I know that time will come

That I’ll be spending the rest of my life with




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“ONE TRUE LOVE” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Long distance is just two words for me

They said it has all forms of adversity

Yet no matter how the people would tell

Me that it’ll bring difficulties

In the relationship that we are having

Right now

For me everything will be so easy


I have you, and you have me

You have my heart, and I have your heart as well

I cherish all of our wonderful memories

As long as we have our “ONE TRUE LOVE”

This all that matters to me






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“Loving you” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Since the first time that we met

I knew that there was something

So special about you

Loving you was the decision

I never regret

For I knew that I was born for you



You have given me alot of dreams

You have given me the aspiration,as it truly seems

That you’re the better half of my soul who could

Ease my fears

The one who could erase my weariness and

Wipe away my tears


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“I couldn’t ask for more” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You have changed my life completely

You show your love in so many ways

I can’t define my feelings exactly

You always make me feel important

In every moment of a day


I thank God for giving you to me

With whom I look forward to offer

A wonderful family

I couldn’t ask for more of what you could give

Darling knowing you is the best thing

That ever happened to me


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“I couldn’t sleep last night” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I couldn’t sleep last night

I was wishing for you to be by my side

Staring into the sky gazing upon the moonlight

Holding my hands

So I will be free from any fright


I want to tell few stories with you

How I’ve gone since I’d been apart from you

I miss you more than you always knew

I only asked myself what I am supposed to do


Each night I imagine most of the time

That you’re here with me

Me laying on your arms while your

Chin resting on my head


You’re the only one I am wishing to see

Before I go to sleep til the morning

When I open my eyes

 You’ll be lying still in my bed


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My Angel,My Love by Eureka C.Bianzon

i found myself wondering about us in the future
It makes me keep on smiling for our life’s wonderful adventure
I never felt frightened for i know that
You’ll be with me
I will always have my hero who could stay beside me

You were a stranger back then
Yet I never doubted about anything
Days and nights were passed you’ve been in my writings
Everything seems so magical, my heart always feel the same love deep within

You’re the easiest to love,
And i feel that it’s a pleasure to make you laugh
I wonder how it is I could have been so blessed
Having  you my angel,  my love….

My poem for him

written 1:30 pm 18th of june

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“So soon I would walk away”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Sending my prayers into the sky
Wishing for everything will turn out well when I say goodbye
As I stroll down for a walk in this
My heart found the serenity which I’d been hard  to find

I feel that my soul is still searching
For the relief of  my heart for I am leaving
I just couldn’t  explain what I am feeling
Saying goodbye is not just an ordinary thing

So soon I would walk away 
I would disappear like the ocean waves
But if one day you feel all the strains
Stare into the sky,  feel me from within like  everything didn’t change….
written  18-june ’14 @1:00 pm

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“Your sweet gentle face” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Leaning beside you while gazing on your sweet gentle face
Kissing you goodnight after a
wonderful day
I am hearing now the love song we use to play
Oh, this room is such a romantic place for the both of us to stay

I breathe so deeply after saying a little prayer
Thanking God for each moment that we spent and will be spending together
Oh how lovely it us to stare on your sweet gentle face
Only you can make me feel this love
in its craziest way

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