A very humble doctor by Mypenandsoul  

​”A very humble doctor ”

I was ill the very first day I met him

That day he approached me with a smile 

His gesture was absolutely  welcoming

A very humble doctor I’ve ever seen in my life
He even listened to my real life stories

That moment I knew he cares  about  people’s  lives 

He then asked me If I want to work with him

Months later I showed up for it was my heart’s desire
I heard patients  words from feelings

How they admire him and his family 

One day I’ve  found myself crying

From a patient’s  heartfelt testimony
A very humble doctor I’ve  ever seen

Who touched  many patients  lives in between

Surely he will be forever loved  & remembered

By all ,whom with his care have been blessed
Eureka Bianzon Robey

(c) mypenandsoul.com 

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Wonderful memories  by Mypenandsoul 

​There’s nothing better than remembering wonderful memories 

Good old days with friends,unforgettable  moments with loved ones

People who walk with us and help us achieve many things

Who stay  with us and always lift us up when we lose  a chance

There’s  nothing better than remembering wonderful memories 

Childhood life  with delight  , that brings smile on our  face

Old book of wonderful moments with our  siblings

Those  little fights that would suddenly resolved at the end of the day
There’s  nothing  better than remembering   wonderful memories

Student life  full of challenges and fright

Even  those funny ,embarrassing  stories

That make us achieve  a good ,  beautiful  life 
(c) Eureka Bianzon Robey

Mypenandsoul.com  author 

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​Paalam Madam Miriam Defensor Santiago  

Sa katalinuhan at katapangan ikaw ay tanyag

Sa puso ninuman iyong katapatan ay namayagpag

Kalungkutan  ang dulot  ng huli mong hapag

Sa bawat Pilipino ay mananatili ang iyong sagisag
Simula pagkabata ikaw ang aming naging huwaran

Iyong  katalinuhan  ay  sadyang hindi mapapantayan

Senator  Madam Miriam ikaw ang presidente na minsa’y aming hinangad

Ika’y nag iisa, libutin man ang mundo ikaw ay walang katulad
Sa iyong pagpanaw  dala sa amin ay lungkot at saya

Lungkot dahil wala  na aming hinahangaan sa larangan ng hustisya

Saya naman dahil ikaw  ay kapiling na ng Panginoon

At hinding hindi na mahihirapan pa

Paalam Senator Madam Miriam Defensor Santiago

Iyong alala ay mananatili sa mundong ito

Kung mababasa mo lang sana ang tulang ito

Nais kong sabihin sayo,salamat sa mga inspirasyong ibinigay mo…


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In us love has full of mystery  

As I stare on my white pillow tonight

It makes me think about the time

When I used to call you the “angel of mine”

And wish that you were here by my side
You make my life more lively

With memories that linger deep inside of me

In us love has full of mystery

Unexplainable feelings as it can be

mypenandsoul.com (author Eureka Bianzon Robey)

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Don’t let the world change your good heart

When your world goes wrong

And your bright sky turns gray

Walk forward and be strong

And don’t be afraid
When people laugh at you

Just look at them and smile

Be proud that You are You

Your heart is in the holy isle
When no one seeks for your presence

Don’t get lonely ,nor feel empty

Always thank the Lord for every presents

For the peacefulness that you have will be with you ’til eternity

When your world seems so mean

Don’t ever let it change your good heart

You’re the child that God wants to be seen

Of those with their kindness were about to part

(c) mypenandsoul.com (author Eureka B Robey )

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Mackinac Island 

I ​know a place that shows a luxuriant sun 

From dusk til dawn it glimmers  its  land

It illuminates the clouds even the ocean

And a sparking diamond that you have on hand

In there, there are no cars 

You can walk ,ride a bike

Ride on a horse carriage  

And run as you fly a kite

On those trees that give you shade

You’ll see the lilacs known to that place

Beautiful flowers with fragrances never fade

Just like memories that we had on those days

On a carriage I feel I was a princess with a crown

While gazing this peaceful ,unpolluted  ,beautiful town

It’s a place known as Mackinac Island

I’ll always treasure  it from here and beyond

(c) Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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His generous heart remains in my soul 

​A radiant dream existed in the middle of my  sweet sanity 

I’ve found my dearest friend in delight on those green valleys

His voice was familiar I’ve even captured his face

From our childhood years his voice I could tell remains the same

Despite of life’s  given horizon his generous heart remains in my soul

Those good memories  will never be  flushed by the rain’til we get old

So glad his name visited my dream that I’m  very glad to choose

To let him know that his good deeds will forever  be treasured more than a gold

Dedicated to my childhood  bestfriend  

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Hey!Someone like you is very hard to find

​Even if I’m  thousand miles away

You can always count on me to stay

I promise with everything nothing will be  changed

Our memories will be never be locked in chains
I’ll  treasure those moments that we had

Friendly jokes, and when you were laughing so bad

Those might really made me so mad

Yet with those we’ve known each other’s heart beneath the clad
There were places I’m always wishing to see

The lake were we used to hang out  to eat

Where we throw the stones and release stress from hating

The bad days that we encountered, even bad feelings 
You’re a friend of mine who is one of a kind

Hey! Someone like you is very hard to find

Still makes me wonder how am I gonna find someone like  you

No one makes my heart laugh so hard the way you do 

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​I’ve lived my life in darkness

Then chose to lift up my life with gladness

I believed  that God would help me to be free

To experience my heart’s  freedom til eternity
I’ve lived a restricted life

That was the only way for me to survive

I’ve chosen to be a slave than to die

And waited for freedom that lies 
Then God listened to my silent prayers

While I received those whip , no one cares

I still believed then He held my hands together

Light came towards me, then woke up from

a nightmare 
Herewith  my family and friends

Experiencing the happiness God has sent

I can run, I can scream 

I can laugh I can sing
This is freedom I truly wished

This is the freedom I was wondering 

This is  the faith , that I believed

That only God will help me to live

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All I want is to be with you

​Wide awake in the middle of the night

Wishing you were here  by side

To hold you and embrace you tight

While my sweetest dream in mind ply 
I feel an emptiness when you’re  not around

And yet my heart in tears is almost drowned 

All I want is to be with you any moment of time

I long for you when your presence I always need to find

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