“Island” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’m wishing to be in an island, with much of beautiful trees
Where I could witness with serene countenance its deep blue sea
Far from the crowd hearing the waves on sands with sweet melodies
Where I would be in silence when there’s no one dare to understand me

In there I would hold my pen and unleash its secrecy
I would grave on my paper the hideous feelings inside of me
In there I could find the home of my soul and its sanctuary
Mind which could soar with freedom with words flapping freely

Oh how I wish to be in an island with much birds in its glorious sky
A place where I can find hope while gazing the sun’s illuminating light
A place where I might find peace staring on greenly mountain sides
Where my soul’s travailing journey would be gone & will be kept alive

In there I would express my ardent prayer, thinking of my last farewell
I would glide my pen on my empty paper, writing my innermost prayer
Thanking God for the life He offered, my story He made a beautiful novel
Life I couldn’t compare among the other, discovering it’s splendor things such a wonder

I would be in a happy silence, feeling the breezing wind drifting on my hair
Closing my tearful eyes leaving all the pain which I couldn’t bear
Facing the luminous clouds asking God for His uttermost forgiveness
For the dire mistakes I’ve done in my life’s capacious places

How I wish to be in an island with solemn beauty, where the stars at night
shining sprightly
Where I could rest my body on the cold sands while gazing on the moonlight glowing brightly
Where I could listen to the sounds of waves at night whispering lightly
Saying I am the island where you could relay everything to God
without hesitancy

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“Rain” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I woke up to the sounds of rain
I saw people running here and there
On that moment I sat up near the bus window pane
Witnessing people’s feeling weren’t the same

Few were worried, some were happy
Few were running,while some were
Men and women were running with cover
While children never stop playing together

I laid back on my seat
Listening to the lullabies it
brought to my ears
I felt something different as it
Purifies me
Every stroke of water
Filled me in

See how the amazing rain
Cleanses the earth
Like tears falling from our
eyes from earthly dearth
When there’s rain I’ve
never felt weary and blue
Each drop counts which
make me someone new


Photograph by Franco Andrade Naron

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“Tulang may gintong aral buhat sa Maykapal” Eureka C. Bianzon


Mga tulang aking isinusulat ay may layunin

Mga aral sa buhay dito’y aking batid sabihin

Aking hangarin inspirasyong maibibigay ay

Hindi bigyang patlang

Patungkol sa buhay na ating tanging hiram


Sa bawat saknong na aking inilalapat

Nawa’y maibahagi  at tuluyang isiwalat

Sapagkat kalooban ko’y buo sa sa pamamahagi

Ng bawat paham

Tulang may gintong aral  buhat sa Maykapal


Walang humpay kong ilalambag

Aking bawat layunin sa buhay kong yakag

Maisalba mula sa tula sinumang nalulumbay

Maibahagi mga aral habang dugo ko’y buhay


“My Pen” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Still my mind is unrest and awake

Digging its moving thoughts through my pen

Now in lone splendour where my pen releasing its breath

My mind amidst with pure ablution if won’t would swell

I started penning for the world all throughout

Through God my right hand moves without any doubt

Only asking myself how these things have begun

It seems mysterious and difficult to be left undone

My pen is like moving water on the river

Flows continuously without any hesitation to wander

It wished to meet the heart of each reader

To share the love and inspiration which I used to ponder

Bright stars I witness as well as the bright moon

While unleashing my feelings from my pen’s croon

Though my mind still unrest this night

I still feel that I’m in a lovely early morn

Sharing God’s wisdom, the magic of His power

Which I truly adorned


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“My Purpose” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Though I couldn’t understand
What was my purpose when I was young
All I knew was playing and having fun
To do my best and let myself to stand

But somehow when each morning
is passing
I used to look at the sky and wondering
What is my life’s message
My purpose in each passing day

Hence, I appreciate each second in time
Thinking how will I design my purpose most in my life
But once I held my pen and share my words
I’ve got the reason to equip and glad to share the purpose I chose

I’ve got the courage to share my soul
I knew it was my purpose when I was small
To share the gift of wisdom to all
To enlighten each world’s darkness
Through My Pen and Soul


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“Keep in touch” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Keep in touch in any way

Reach out for a friend who’s far away

Let him feel that you’re just near

Despite the distance you remain closer

Keep in touch whenever you maybe

Reach out for a friend in many ways

Let him feel you’re still the same

Above your achievements you never changed

Keep in touch give importance to your friends

Who have been part of your life

Cherish those moments you’ve shared

Those times when you cried

When they were there to care.

Keep in touch ,value your friendship

For a friend is life’s  wonderful gift

Keep your friends while you still have them

Because life is too short and uncertain.

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“My Pen’s Mystic Attitude”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Solace words may reach your mind
From the inspirations that you’ll find
My Pen and Soul hope will catch your time
And your attention will temporarily be mine

My gladness for each feeble heart may filled
With hope from my pen’s ray
Sadness of lonely hearts may healed
From each inspiring words this day

May each word build your heart with a stone
Of having strength from being alone
Hope I’ll touch your lives with my azure moods
And live your life with ” life” from my pen’s mystic attitude


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“My Pen and Soul” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Glorious writings from my pen
Feelings unleashed from being in silence
Recorded untold stories of men
Reaches the isle of paradise fence

Words of wisdom speak deeper like the sea
Generous words from God & sheer memory
For all the years will pass it’ll always be
Inspirations to everyone in fair reality

Hideous unspoken words revealed
Blinded fettered world unsealed
From my pen and soul weary heart’s will feel
Freedom of their feelings from being chained


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“A writer who shares life “by Eureka C. Bianzon

Written tales on your wall
Caught my attention to read the whole
Shared thoughts from your keen mind
Spirit of memory rare of kind

Unveiling something, from your sheer heart
Brings light to people’s life
Moral stories you impart
Brighten one’s day from a troubled night

Continue sharing your stories
To give courage to the feeble hearts
For it stirs your wonderful memories
As a writer who shares life on its nicest part

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“POETRY, a HIDDEN TREASURE” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Poetry is a hidden treasure


This could be truly express from the heart


It’s a thing that couldn’t be measured


For sharing any memories would never stopped


Poetry is the chance to uncover the mystery mind


It’s the chance to across something special


That has been left behind


Poetry is a meaningful piece of knowledge


It’s a glimmering light to courage


A hidden treasure from the mystery heart


Wondrous wisdom we could ever impart

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