“Ice cream & wine” by Eureka C. Bianzon


there’s on a table a bottle of sweetest wine
And an ice cream container which will be melt in time
infront of them is a sweet and yet a cold lady
longing for someone who could make the glass of wine ready

there’s a tablet on the top of the wooden table
playing some love songs which for her are memorable
will this lady get the  warm from the sweetest wine
or still be in cold like an ice cream and be melt in time

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When i feel sad ,no one was there that dares to ask
When i feel bad, no one was there that listens and ask
Sometimes i feel unappreciated
Sometimes I feel unvalued in all good things i did

When i feel alone , no one was there to be with me at home
When i need someone,everyone walks away and gone
Sometimes I feel life for people who do good is unfair
Sometimes I feel lonely to remain seated in my hopeless chair

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WHEN I RUN AGAIN by Eureka C. Bianzon

I ran in certain places bound in places I’ve known
Seen couples faces they were happy as much they’ve shown
Suddenly I felt so numb trying to find my distant home
I realized you were not there I found myself all alone
I tried searching for the words that could mend this heart
You lied to me by telling I’m your world,and yet we fall apart
I know I could find the answer when I run again
Facing up to the sky to whom I would ask this pain to end

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“They will always be my babies” by Eureka C.Bianzon



I laid back my head on my soft pillow last night

While I was gazing on my sweet loving cats

They were on my feet seemed they didn’t

Want to lose from my sight

Suddenly my tears fell, my heart was like

A grass that had been cut


I was imagining their life living without me

I was thinking if they could feel the love

They felt from me

When I pulled one of them and laid to my arm

The other wiped away the tears on my other hand


It is so hard to think that my days with them

Will get over

It’s like I have to give up rendering them my


Before I was telling never I will surrender

I’ll never leave them and they’ll be with me anywhere


I felt so sad that I couldn’t keep my promise

I couldn’t find ways for them to be with me

Our memories forever I will cherish

They will always be my sweetest babies

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“You’ll be gone forever” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Few years ago as I looked back the time

I was just sitting here and waiting

And asking myself when you would be mine?

I counted the waves that struck

On heavy rocks that reached upon my sight

And then you came tapping my back

Your luminous smile shone on me that night

I looked at your face

Your eyes were in glimmering light

Those were the wonderful days

When you became my life

Now here I am sitting and waiting

And asking myself when will I hold your hands

I know that I am just dreaming

For you’ll be gone forever

And there’ll be no chance

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“I couldn’t help but cry” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I couldn’t help but cry
As I turned away and said goodbye
I couldn’t stare even in your eyes
As the saddest feeling got spired

And it is proven within me
that I can’t live a day without you
This dream emerges as the spring
A true love we made all to be true

When I obtained your arms in my head
I felt all the words you have said
I’ve seen all the butterflies that followed me
I felt the love from your heart deep inside of me

I pinched my cheeks recognizing all the  things that has preceded me
And yes!everything was not a dream
Every single moment we crafted as our wonderful memories

As I headed back home tonight
I remembered everything about us
I glazed at the sun diminishing its light
And thought about tomorrow that
Is waiting for us

I promised you that I won’t cry anymore
But I couldn’t hold back my tears
Perhaps my heart is still weary and sore
I always feel that you’re just near


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“Children who travail this life so hard” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I find myself searching for peace from heaven
Praying for those starved and abandoned children
I cried hard convincing myself
to understand
Why the world seems so unfair
on innocent hands

Why they need to experience things
With pain
Striving their life with so much
Hardiness to gain
They’ve lost everything even their
Who left them in the middle of predicament

Now I am bemoaning about the feeling that I’ve ever felt
Something that broke my heart
As I recollect
From the story of children who
travail this life so hard
Struggling for hope,for peace of their dreadful hearts

May this bewildered world be kind to them
May they find the fair life that they
Keep on searching
May they experience the happiness
They deserved
And be secluded from all the dire things that they absorbed….

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“Tears from heaven” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Ominous clouds basking the light
Like a lapse of feeling with full of pain
I wonder no why it gives such fright
When the tiny drops started to stain

I’ve gone no more wearing my smiles
Each time that I pass in this road
over and over again
Like tears from heaven that flows down from my eyes
From the unleash spirit like a heart locked in chains

Every grief I measure from the raindrops that stain
Tears from heaven shower it’s
sympathy for all the pain
I know when the rain subside
each tear will stop flowing from my eyes
And the pain will remain in this place as I say my saddest goodbye….

by mypenandsoul

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“O kaysakit magpaalam”ni Eureka C.Bianzon

O kaysakit mag paalam sa taong minahal mo ng tunay
Mundo mo’y mag iiba,mundo mo’y luluha
Sapagka’t sya lang ang tanging nakapagpapasaya sa iyong buhay
Ni kailanman ay hindi kayang maibigay ng iba

O kaysakit mag paalam sa pagmamahal na akala mo wala ng pag asa
Nguni’t sa kalaunan masasabi mo na meron pala
Puso mo’y iyong pinigilan upang ipaglaban sya
At sa huli nagsisisi dahil may nagmamahal na sa kanyang iba

O kaysakit matanaw na siya’y may kapiling na
Hindi na mahahagkan at mayayakap pa
Ala ala na lamang ang tanging makapagpapasaya
Ng pusong nagsisisi sa pagbabalewala sa kanya

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“Feathers of dream”by Eureka C.Bianzon


I’ve seen your image this afternoon
On a picture frame which hang in my room
With flowerous designs which stopped their bloom
Now I’m here dreaming of being with you so soon

Hope knocked within my breast
Feathers of dream perched in my soul
To search for you never I would rest
For you’re the chillest thing of this lonely world

I feel that I am now in a strangest sea
Longing for you to be with me
My tears ran and stained unto my feet
Feathers of dream flew in my heart so deep

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