“Saddest grief”by Eureka C.Bianzon

On piece of wood she engraved her
Unleashing all the pains which sets
Her world apart
She never dreamed to witness the grayish sky
Which brought her in grief and saddest lullabies

She carved her words like blades
Marked few lines in darkest shades
She’s been hurt and thought the world was unfair
Brought her saddest grief she couldn’t bear


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“May this heart place in peace so deep” by Eureka C. Bianzon

May this pen versify
All the words it wants to cry
And leadeth my emotion to describe
The poem of lore behind my eyes
May this burden get fade
From my desire to make things straight
May this pen throw away
All the saddest words it wants  to convey
May I fall into sleep
After I carve the lines through my ink
May this heart place in peace so deep
And deal with tomorrow with
Alluring words to think

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“Unrest soul” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Heart that was starved from the sweet wine of love
Craved for the warm and divine comfort from above
Tears been shed like river kept on flowing to the ocean
Unrest soul been possessed for the peace was none

Cold palms shuddered  from the blown regret
Weakened spirit secluded from soul’s of contentment
So soon will be exiled from the happiness phase
Banished integrity from greediness beheld to face

Unveiled grandiosity stood out in the crowd
Showing off possessions yet all came from evil lawn
Enjoying damped spirit ignoring the rules of above
Temporary luxurious things won’t give happiness and love

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“He said goodbye” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I stayed awake last night
Waiting for you to arrive
I stared closely at the door
You’ve never been late like this before

Then a shadow of a woman appeared
I couldn’t explain what would I feel
When I turned on the lights to see it clear
I’ve seen your mom on her saddest grief

My heart felt strange and I cried
Then suddenly mom said “He said goodbye”
That broke my world,torn my  heart in two
For I’ll never get anymore the chance
to show you more how much I  love you

“the song “If tomorrow never comes” made my heart
compose this poem…
“You’ll never know the importance and value of people in your life before you lose them”
Show them how much you love them,show them how much you care,make them smile,make them happy,life is vague,and we don’t know things that lies ahead…

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” He is no longer there next to me” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was sitting nearby the seashore
While my hand was holding a small stone
On the sands I was sculpting a shape of a heart
Yet the waves washed it away
And the lines were torn apart

I saw him he was there from afar
Smiling at me like a distant star
That moment my heart started beating
It seemed that I was in a romantic dream

On the sands I laid my body
And he was there staring closer unto me
Suddenly a blinked from my eyes changed everything
When I discovered that he is no longer there next to me

I felt the sadness why the waves washed away the heart I drew for him
And it made me cry,when he wasn’t there as I kept on searchin’
I didn’t want that dream just pass
For I didn’t have the chance to tell how much I love him  till the time
just gone & last

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“Island” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’m wishing to be in an island, with much of beautiful trees
Where I could witness with serene countenance its deep blue sea
Far from the crowd hearing the waves on sands with sweet melodies
Where I would be in silence when there’s no one dare to understand me

In there I would hold my pen and unleash its secrecy
I would grave on my paper the hideous feelings inside of me
In there I could find the home of my soul and its sanctuary
Mind which could soar with freedom with words flapping freely

Oh how I wish to be in an island with much birds in its glorious sky
A place where I can find hope while gazing the sun’s illuminating light
A place where I might find peace staring on greenly mountain sides
Where my soul’s travailing journey would be gone & will be kept alive

In there I would express my ardent prayer, thinking of my last farewell
I would glide my pen on my empty paper, writing my innermost prayer
Thanking God for the life He offered, my story He made a beautiful novel
Life I couldn’t compare among the other, discovering it’s splendor things such a wonder

I would be in a happy silence, feeling the breezing wind drifting on my hair
Closing my tearful eyes leaving all the pain which I couldn’t bear
Facing the luminous clouds asking God for His uttermost forgiveness
For the dire mistakes I’ve done in my life’s capacious places

How I wish to be in an island with solemn beauty, where the stars at night
shining sprightly
Where I could rest my body on the cold sands while gazing on the moonlight glowing brightly
Where I could listen to the sounds of waves at night whispering lightly
Saying I am the island where you could relay everything to God
without hesitancy

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“In my dream”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Last night I dreamt about him
The guy I met when I was young
In my dream his face was uncovered
And it was the same when I saw him once

In my dream I saw him wearing
The watch which once he left on me
And the guitar was also there
Which he played when he sang for me

Everything was clear as if it wasn’t a dream
His lips was smiling and his eyes
were in gleam
How beautiful the night we had
From a memory which I wished
would last forever

He was the guy whom once called me his angel
And the guy whom once I thought
my man forever
Hope my poem would reach his eyes
And tell him that Ive loved him
after our saddest goodbye

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“I hope this wind will blow this pain as those floating leaves” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I wanted to hold him but he ran away

I’ve tried to keep him yet he didn’t want to stay

I called his name but he never dare to turn

Until I walked away in the midst of the sun

The sky was filled with floating leaves

Towards the sun as they were guided by the wind

On the sands I glid my feet

While the tears falling down my cheeks

I knew that he’s happy as my soul left his world

I’ve tried to hold him back yet his hands

 Were seem so cold

I hope this wind will blow this pain as those floating leaves

And the sun will dry these tears and warm my cheeks

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“I need an ear to listen & mind who could understand” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I hid in the dark in a private place

Secluding myself from dreadful yesterday

I guess no one could heal all the pains & scars

Which I began to keep within this aching heart

Here I am behind the locked door

Searching for peace and glance of hope

Here where no one could see me crying at all

For I’ve found myself at the end of the rope

I feel so lost and my heart is broken

From these hideous pains which were left unspoken

Hope someone would reach and hold my hand

For I need an ear to listen and mind who could understand

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“Frozen heart” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Beneath this chest a frozen heart remains

Anoint by an afflicting pain it gained

Hoping for deep certitude as an exchange

To heal this frozen heart with God’s Holy name

Concatenated devious road I bound

Trustful soul I offered to people’s enchanting sounds

This feeblest heart exhausted from creatures forwardness

Until it got frozen, yearned numb to dead

Fickled fierceness brought enmity

Immerse my heart with sadness and ambiguity

Inconspicuous ominous lore could be seen to

My eyes

One’s tod who wished for a quietude journey

And sheer smiles

The visage of this ventures my purpose wend

Few times I failed & hid in my crumbling shell

Frozen heart it gave, so hard to understand

May the Lord God warm this frozen heart

With His merciful hands


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