“Steadfast faith” by Eureka Bianzon Robey


Here breaks the dawn welcomes a sweet morning
Rays of light shows God’s multiple blessings
Roads have shades from leaves of trees
Soothing nature welcomes an everlasting peace

Here I am with my own satisfaction
My blessed life I claim without expectations
I have faith in me beyond life’s imperfections
Nothing is heavy to God ,in Him i give my sincerest devotion

Everything is beautiful,easy once we have faith
When we open our hearts letting love enter its gate
A Steadfast faith is what we need to give
To the Lord Almighty while we have this blessed life to live

© Marilou Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey

Mypenandsoul author




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LITTLE ANGELS PLAY by Eureka C. Bianzon


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“I was once a dreamy butterfly” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was once a dreamy butterfly dallying myself away
After the heavy rain seeing a rainbow gratified my day
Witnessing the orchids bind,beautiful flowers and summer hays
Blessings I’ve got despite of the luminous yesterday

Oh how!beautiful the world after the rain
A wonderful pleasure to enjoy after the pain
I want to wander now the woods in the hills
Such amazing place which gives me chills

I was once a dreamy butterfly
who had no time to hate
Because I have ample of blessings
That God has shared
I only want to enjoy everything and memories to be saved
For sweet happenings will be treasured ’til my heart is in grave

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Panginoon Maraming Salamat

Aking kaarawan ay nabalot ng kasiyahan
Sa halo halong emosyong aking naramdaman
Hindi ko inakala na ako ay gagantimpalaan
Ng buhay na mas higit pa sa aking

Mga taong nagmahal sa akin ng
walang humpay
Bukal sa kalooban ang maibahagi
ang pagmamahal na taglay
Sa kanila ko lubos na naisapuso
Na ang kasiyahan ay hindi kailan man mabibili ng pera
At ang tanging kaligayahan ay unang unang magmumula sa Amang may likha

Panginoon maraming salamat sa mga
Nangyari sa aking buhay
Ibinahagi po Ninyo ang bawat aral nitong
Sa panibagong yugto ng aking buhay
Nawa’y makasama ko padin ang Inyong
Tanging gabay


You are my life Oh Lord by Eureka C.Bianzon

Lord God thank you for all the blessings
You’ve given to me in year 2013
The lessons that I’ve learned from
All the people I had been with
Thank you for loving me, for me helping me
Surpassed all of those trials
For illuminating my mind that
The only one that I can trust
Is no one but Only You
I have my wishes for my birthday
Not for me, but for the people
I love
Please guide them every day, please heal them
Please give them peace in their minds and souls
I love you so much Oh Lord
I love you more than my life
Thank you for another year
Thank you for everything
You are my life Oh Lord,
You are my Life

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“I am rich with Your unconditional love, Oh Lord”  by Eureka C. Bianzon 

Truly a blessing to witness the dark clouds brighten slowly
As the sun rises today and me with my loved one
Embracing the reality
I thank the Lord above for another great year to celebrate
A new chapter of my life is here, all from God’s divine grace
My heart is pleading with much of happiness
Never been in my life I experienced this wonderful moment
Oh Lord God thank you for Your Holiness
You always lift up my spirit through Your endearment
As I think of all the blessings You bestowed upon me
You gave me wonderful people, You gave me the wisdom
Of eternity
Yes! I am rich but not by materials things
I am rich with Your unconditional love,
 I am rich with amazing people who love me

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“Oh Lord!You’re the divine designer of this life” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Oh creator of the earth and skies

The only one been adorned by these eyes

You’re the Almighty of the celestial place

The glory of all life is in Your name

You’re the divine designer of this life

Through You everything is in the perfect plan

You’re the only one who could give the brilliant light

You’re the everlasting hope of every man

In the deepest depths of sadness beyond all space

Only you can give the courage despite of sorrowful days

Oh Lord, You’re the divine designer of this life

Only You knows everything before we survived
-by http://www.mypenandsoul.wordpress.com

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“I know that the Lord will always be by my side”by Eureka C.Bianzon

The ocean is clear and still
The leaves are green in the mountain hills
Above the sky there is a bluish color haze
Wondrous creatures captivate my amazing day

Under the tree on the sea side
I lay my unrest body with ceaseless pain
In there I know that all of the pain will subside
Unleashing the quiescent spirit that I’ve gained

As the sun shines fair with its glistening light
I know that the Lord will always be by my side
And even if the winds will blow and close my sight
Through Him there’s a certainty that
When I open them again
There will be a great surprise!

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“Sa Iyo Diyos Ama na aking iniirog” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Pagpupuring lubos ang aking maihahandog
Sa iyo Diyos ama na aking iniirog
Ikaw ang pinakadakila sa langit at lupa
Aking tinatanggap ng buong puso’t kaluluwa
Sa kalakhan ng Iyong pag-ibig sa akin
Nais kong Ikaw ay pasalamatan sa lahat ng aking mithiin
Ikaw ay nagbigay gabay at lakas ng kalooban
Ikaw ang nagligtas sa puso ko mula sa karimlan
Sa Iyo ko lubos na iniaalay aking mga tula
Mga paham na tanging nagmula sa Iyong mga salita
Aking panalangin na ako ay gabayan Ninyo
Sa aking mga itinatakda
Nang sa gayon ay mapausbong ang
Inspirasyon at pag –ibig na tanging sa
Iyo nagmula
Aking inaasam asam na  ang bawat tao
Ay mawalay ang pagkalumbay sa kanilang
Mga puso
Maihatid ang mga salitang aking
Mula sa aking nabiyayaang buhay
Na Iyong ipinagkaloob

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“Gratified heart and soul” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Life can be cheerful if you wake up with a smile on your face
And thank God for the chance of waking up for another day
Remembering all the blessings you had from yesterdays
And guidance which protected you and your family when
your skies turned gray
Life can be so wonderful if we show our gratitude to the Lord
Humbling acts and kindness cannot be shared
only by just a certain word
Always stay your feet on the ground wherever you may go
And dispense the blessings from your gratified heart and soul
Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2014 All rights reserved

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