I hear it within me….

When I see the look in your eyes
I can see the glamorous glistening sky
Your smile tells me how beautiful I am
And when your lips say you’re my number
one fan

When you get closer to me
I feel your breath towards my hair
I can feel your heart deep within me
I feel this butterfly that grasp my air

You make me feel important
When you ask me to help you with things
You lift me up when I say I can’t
You believed that I am not an ordinary thing

You give life to my every day
You show love in many special way
I feel you, I feel how much you love me
Even without a word, I hear it within me


Author Eureka Bianzon Robey

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You will be forever missed

I reminisce those days with you with pure delight
Laughters beyond the walls that only silence will subside
Since the very first time I’ve met you, all positive thoughts you’ve shown
And truly, you were one of the funniest person I’ve ever met and known

My heart is in gnawing pain this day that you’re gone
So many words I want to say , & it’s sad ,these will be just left undone
I’m now in a garden with faded flowers from those days they were in bloom
Hiding my tears through the rain from the clouds in gloom

Down here from heaven I will always think that you’re one those stars
Smiling at us from the distance yet with illuminating sparks
These will be your laughters and happiness you share from there in paradise
Grandma Betty, you will be forever missed with your heartfelt goodbye

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Your Luminous Eyes by Eureka B.Robey

I love your luminous eyes when you smile
It gives me this indefinable chills most of the time
I have told the heaven above since the day I’ve found you
How I get so lucky that I will never ever be in blue

I have flown thousand miles away to reach you
And it’s a valley of reality of a dream to be with you
My search for Love last when you offered your arms
As wider as the ocean , your embrace was deep & warm

And as I watch the bright clouds in the sky
The rays are luminous as your pretty eyes
Darling, this is what you give to my life
Happiness deep in my heart from your smile


Author: Eureka B Robey

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Sweet things will find its special place 

It is always my joy to pause and see

The beauty of  nature which amazes me

It instills a continuous changes each year

But whatever it may be, it is so lovely dear
Sometimes I wonder why I wish it to be here 

When it is not around 

Like I wish for summer when snow is on the ground

But when the summer comes , I wish I feel 

this time

When cold kisses my face , and the warm feeling will be gone
Yet sweet things will find its special place

Either in different times or in different days

It is in our hearts to feel what our nature gives

Every day is  a gift  and a precious way to live 

by Eureka

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Oh my loving man 

As I vent my shereest prayer for you tonight

Feel that my arms are embracing you so tight

Whispering to your ears my sweetest goodnight

And kissing your lips with enchanting smile
Oh my loving man , you will always be

In this heart of mine , I hope you ought to see

My courage , my soul , my dream in finite reality

Wonderful spirit that I adore and love so dearly

author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


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They will fly together ’til days get old  by Eureka Bianzon Robey 

This world witness those roaming doves

Flying from opposite directions on heaven’s above

Unexhaustedly wandering nights and days

Until their wings meet each other’s way
Along the way full of  maze these doves

 finally met

Pounding hearts made them amazed from beneath

They held each other’s wings treasure them as  gold

Promises made, they will fly together ’til the leaves & days get old
Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


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Nag-iisang Ina 

Sa isang munting larawan natanaw ko ang kanyang mukha

Nitong umaga aking pag gising ng dahil sa social media 

Natanto ko na lamang ang mga araw noong ako’y bata pa

Pagmulat ng aking mata , yakap niya sa akin ang aking nakikita
Sa haba ng panahon na ako’y kanyang kinalinga

Ngayon siya ang hinahanap sa tuwing ako’y masaya o lumuluha

Iba pa din ang damdamin idinudulot ng nag iisang ina

Magkalayo man , kalinga nya ang  palagi kong nais  madama

Isinulat ni Eureka Bianzon Robey

author of mypenandsoul.com 

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​Why do I love Art?

It allows me to create by expressing my own self
And makes feel that I am one those very dedicated elf

Striving hard to finish a thing , a beautiful thing

For someone like me it’s extra ordinary thing
It allows me to use my heart  even my graceful hands

A solace feeling that an artist could deeply understand

Art is what I love and thing I always want to do

It is  my expression of freedom whenever I’m in blue
It makes people happy  as well as myself

Whenever they appreciate things  I’ve created myself

It comes from my soul,  through my eyes that glows

A gift,  I would love to pursue and treasure above all…
Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey


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Everything about you with me will never end 

You know what makes me feel scared of losing

It is myself when I die

The  world that I’m going to leave is absolutely amazing

With my loved ones & friends in my life
Life is unpredictable , we don’t know where or when

But when the time comes that I won’t be home again 

Please do know that I love you and I care

And everything about you with 

me will never end

Writer : Eureka Bianzon Robey 

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When I saw your face with my very eyes

Across the ocean and bluish skies

I laid on this white sands where I see the tides

My mind wandered suddenly and it just subsides

When I saw your face with my very eyes
Your lips held mine and you smiled

And walk towards the sea and play like a child

Oh your face even from afar was so bright

Like the happiness you give into my life  ♡ 
Writer: Eureka Bianzon Robey

Poem dedicated to my husband Zach 

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