Grown Woman In me 

As I stare into the mirror I can see me

A grown woman with faith despite of tears

I may have lost my road with wrong decisions I did

I’m proud I’m a grown woman who defeated her fears

I may have loved by many and been hated by few

I am proud I am a person whose heart speaks for the truth

Only One knows  my entire life & what I’ve  been through

Our Almightly who guides me in everything that I do

As I stare on the mirror  my face seems clear

A smile on my face made the visibility of my conquered fear 

I am a grown woman ,&  I am proud that I am me

I have loved by people who see the grown woman in me

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Our Love Story 

Happy 2nd Wedding  Anniversary  my Love

3 years ago: 
We watched the sunrise at 6 in the morning

On top  of  the world’s   tallest building

Luminous sky illuminated  my elusive dream

Finally you’re with me, your face was in gleam
Few days have passed  we discovered our feelings

Our Love was unconditonal , beyond  if I could imagine

We held our hands together  as tighty as it seemed

That no one could wake us up from our wonderful dream 
April 08 2014 
A night came, that evening I was with my king

He kneeled down and was holding a  diamond ring

The fountains with music made such wondeful streams 

It lifted my soul knowing that everything was not a dream 
I got engaged with you that evening 

That moment was a magic &truly mesmerizing 

As we embraced  each other whispering

“I love you” ,  my life’s  sweeetest thing
2 years ago: 
April 08 2015
We tied our knot  2 years ago

No more goodbyes  for our longing soul

That day when I walked down the aisle

towards you

I thank God for making our dreams come true
Our moments caught by the beautiful sunrise to sunset

That Love & happiness composed & fueled  our story

You gave me such unforgettable wonderful memories  

Being with you is the best thing that ever happened  to me
Happy 2nd Wedding  Anniversary my love

You’re  the greatest gift given from Above

I’ll be with you forever  til our years are done

We’ll  grow old together watching the beautiful

mypenandsoul  #eurekazachary 

Author: Eureka Bianzon  Robey  

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Majestic Touch 

I hear the wind that blows the leaves

Clearing my path in this quiescent  eve

Sound that accompanies me towards my way

Keeping me still while it takes the leaves away
It sweeps everything and widens my path

Like a promise of security when no one else can 

It solace  my heart  with its majestic touch

I couldn’t  even see it but I feel it so much
It welcomes my soul despite of its intangibility

I can feel it , for it is always here within me

In this world what matters is what we feel in our hearts

Love that brings comfort even if  two souls are apart 

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey

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Forgiveness will make friendship sweet on bitterest days

Perfidious  tongue shears genuine world

Friendship promised to last til  vows get old 

Washes good memories , beauty of  life behold

Frail ones will never speak, & forgiveness  will be left untold
False thoughts seemingly  a cup of bitter coffee 

Smell could attract,  you just don’t  have to drink it quickly 

You wouldn’t know if it is sweet unless you taste it

You wouldn’t  know if it’s  hot unless you touch it 
Be clever enough not to believe to perfidious tongue 

Be the keenest to be gentle with words to say

Kindness remains in the heart, it  never was gone 

Forgiveness will make friendship sweet on  bitterest  days 

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey 

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True Love from One Love Each day 

Life may fail and give its  pain
Makes us empty and somehow drain

Still a smile from a  heart that cares

Lifts us up from  True  Love duly share 
Truly a gift from Creator’s  grace

Is to be with our soul mate’s  place

Time spend always with majestic way

True love from one love each day 

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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Everyone is  equal , Everything is fair  

There are things some people hard to understand

How to react positively in certain ways

They become the noisiest as an empty can

Telling about negative stories instead  of good praise
They say the world is always round

Sometimes you are at the bottom or the other way

Yet for these people  words have the same sounds

Once negativity enter their hearts gate

In God’s  grace when the world was made

Everyone is equal , everything  is fair

But nowadays it never gets on the same page

For humans who see the world as an imperfect place  

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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With You and Me by Eureka Bianzon Robey 

​My bestfriend  , my lover, my forever

You always make me feel better

You show me what true love meant

And with you I  find my own strength 
You’re  special to me more than you’ll ever know

It’s  more than what  I always show 

You’re my forever , and ever and ever after that

And it isn’t  not enough , our love will never end with a dot
I love you , you feel it everyday

And It’s always these three words I say 

Yet no matter how old we gonna be

These words will never fade  it’s  always

With you and me

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My name is Dew  by Mypenandsoul 

My name  is  Dew by  

I roam  to meet my new and old friends dear

To the firehouse, school, houses that are near

To the farm  fields,  ponds , and creeks

Where color of leaves change multiple times a year 
I follow the golf cart all the way 

To  make sure that everybody is okay

I sniff the places where  we go

No matter how the insects make my 

 nose blow 
I am a town dog, a farm dog as well

My name is Dew , you all heard about my tale

This is the wonderful life I chose to dwell

That every day in my journey I make people well 
“My name is Dew”

Poem author: Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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My Dream by Mypenandsoul

I went to row under the dim moonlight
And gladder my heart which was in grief

I stayed on my boat the whole night

I laid there staring on the sad sky until I fall asleep
I dreamt  of  wonderful things 

Both of us were there 

We were singing and laughing

Dancing under the moonlight glare
I was with my everdearest 

Whose face basking with  light

I wished we went  that farthest

In a longest journey that night
I woke up now sighing,

I’ve seen the sunrise again

I found the grief of losing 

My dream,I really felt  the pain

Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey 

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Never involve yourself with negative people

​Never argue with someone who never listen 

Hence give your ears to them for they need it the most

They need your thorough attention and patience

It’s the only way to bring back the understanding  they’ve  lost
Never response back to someone who try to annoy you

Instead give them a cheerful smile

Let them know themselves that life isn’t  about hatred

Jealousy will never give them a wonderful price
Never involve yourself with negative people

Focus on positive  things to improve your life

These are the things I want you to know

We can never please anyone if they don’t see the

beauty in  life
Teach them in silence and let them know

Hatred and Jealousy  will never make them grow

Always share to them the happiest world you have

Free from nuisances  but instead life full of  Love  

Author Eureka Bianzon Robey  

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