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“Steadfast faith” by Eureka Bianzon Robey


Here breaks the dawn welcomes a sweet morning
Rays of light shows God’s multiple blessings
Roads have shades from leaves of trees
Soothing nature welcomes an everlasting peace

Here I am with my own satisfaction
My blessed life I claim without expectations
I have faith in me beyond life’s imperfections
Nothing is heavy to God ,in Him i give my sincerest devotion

Everything is beautiful,easy once we have faith
When we open our hearts letting love enter its gate
A Steadfast faith is what we need to give
To the Lord Almighty while we have this blessed life to live

© Marilou Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey

Mypenandsoul author




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“Unrest soul” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Heart that was starved from the sweet wine of love
Craved for the warm and divine comfort from above
Tears been shed like river kept on flowing to the ocean
Unrest soul been possessed for the peace was none

Cold palms shuddered  from the blown regret
Weakened spirit secluded from soul’s of contentment
So soon will be exiled from the happiness phase
Banished integrity from greediness beheld to face

Unveiled grandiosity stood out in the crowd
Showing off possessions yet all came from evil lawn
Enjoying damped spirit ignoring the rules of above
Temporary luxurious things won’t give happiness and love

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