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“If I could ask for a wish right now” by Eureka C. Bianzon

If I could ask for a wish right now

I would whisper it through my silent voice

I will look up the sky and pray for you

To feel me now

While I’m in distant and didn’t have

Any choice



No distance can make me forget all about you

The days and nights seem so long

It makes me sad that I’m too far away from you

 I can feel you, I can feel your heart holding mine

All night long


When I think about of seeing you again

My heart smiles

So If I could ask for a wish right now,

 I would ask for us never to be apart again


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“The sweetest and gentle face of thee”by Eureka C.Bianzon

I’ve never seen the moon
I’ve never  seen  the sea;
Yet now I know how you look
And feature of your face must be

I would love to extend these hands
On those pearly cheeks
As warm as the glistening sands
in unreachable yet beautiful beach

Despite the darkness I’m certain to see
The sweetest and gentle face of thee
So soon in the sands will walk with me
So soon will be here smiling infront me


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“Destined to be forever by the Lord” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Staring at your gloomy crystal moon
While listening to such lovely tunes
Those eyes bring me my great fortune
For you’re the man I could call my own

I remember the first day I held your 
I felt that we’re destined in perfect
Now that you’re here again, it 
seems like I’m near the fire
From the warmth of your embrace
Our souls are in mysterious rhymes

Our love cast away the fears from
our souls
From those moments when we felt those
saddest songs
Heart broken memories brought
us in each others world
Destined to be forever by the Lord

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“Love we conspired” by Eureka C. Bianzon

As the night falls our hands intertwined
My emotion started to grow as you held your
body next to mine
Only the moonlight shown the lights peculiarly
our desires
The strongest feeling more than before
I’ve felt like a dance of fire 

As I stared on your eyes with it’s glimmering 
My heart started beating and said 
“here I am now with you, my life”
Mesmerizing moment for you were really are
this heart’s desire
Darling you made this feeling special
through the love we conspired

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“Unrest soul” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Heart that was starved from the sweet wine of love
Craved for the warm and divine comfort from above
Tears been shed like river kept on flowing to the ocean
Unrest soul been possessed for the peace was none

Cold palms shuddered  from the blown regret
Weakened spirit secluded from soul’s of contentment
So soon will be exiled from the happiness phase
Banished integrity from greediness beheld to face

Unveiled grandiosity stood out in the crowd
Showing off possessions yet all came from evil lawn
Enjoying damped spirit ignoring the rules of above
Temporary luxurious things won’t give happiness and love

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