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“My brother’s music is God’s gift” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Yellow hay filled the garden ground
It surrounded us like the queen’s golden crown
I sat waiting for my brother’s music to  come
Music which encircles my head and calms me down

This is really a warm day caressed by his music
Persuade by his passion on his little way
Spirit of which impossibly be perished
Harmonies of light and joy touches like a mother’s care

As the light fades away on the west
I hear him still playing at his best
His music is lovely and meaningful as the sunset
And how I wish this day will not just end

His music is not just a music but a music that sings
Rambles down to the ocean,like birds flying on their wings
It moltens my heart when each sound whisper to my ears
My brother’s music is God’s gift which
I really love to hear


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